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16 LED Beauty Mirror Cosmetic
16 LED Beauty Mirror

-       16 LED lights for the perfect lighting -       180 Degree rotation & Touch sensor -       Detachable 10x magnified mirror -       Mirror Size 22 x 16 cm (Requires 4 x AA Batteries)Cosmetic


This Fine Tune turntable is an all in one portable music player that will take you back to the good old days!   Features:   -       3 Speed turntable – 33 1/3, 45 & 78 RPM -       High Definition inbuilt speakers -       Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth -       FM Radio & AUX Connectivity -       Also lets you convert LP...Electrical

Polar Breeze Deluxe 15L - Air Cooler - Humidifier - Air Purifier - Fan Electrical
Polar Breeze Deluxe 15L - Air Cooler - Humidifier - Air Purifier - Fan

The Polar Breeze Evaporative cooler works as a Fan, Air Purifier, Humidifier and Cooler. It is great for all seasons and comes with a remote control. With its powerful robust motor, it has 3 Speed controls and can be wheeled around the house to different rooms as required.     Features:   -       Ultra-speed wind technology helps cool any room  -       Covers up to 24 Square Meters -     &nbs...Electrical

FESTOON LIGHTS 20 M with 3 BONUS bulbs Electrical
FESTOON LIGHTS 20 M with 3 BONUS bulbs

-       Decorate your homes with G40 festoon lights -       The flexible design creates the perfect ambience -       Give your homes a more festive look -       20 Light bulbs with IP45 rating -       BONUS 3 pcs spare bulbs -       Suitable for indoor & outdoor use -       Perfect for...Electrical

Cordless Switch Light - Set of 2 Electrical
Cordless Switch Light - Set of 2

This portable switch light features the new COB technology and all you need to do is flip the switch for extra light anywhere! It is perfect for blackouts and emergencies, and can be used in cupboards, garages, wardrobes, stairwells, hallways and wherever you need a little extra light.     -       No wires or electricians required -       Perfect for: Cupboards, garages, wardrobes, stairwells, hallways, bedsides, caravans, cam...Electrical

Miracle Gel Cooling Cushion Health
Miracle Gel Cooling Cushion

Great for chairs, sofas, cars and more!   -       Comfortable flex gel seat -       Breathable fabric to keep you cool -       Air cushioned structure for comfort -       Non-liquid flex-gel technology for custom positioning   -       BONUS - Washable cover for easy cleaning  Health

Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Colour Coded Health
Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Colour Coded

-       Simply place on wrist & turn it on -       Colour indication technology & Voice Prompt indicates blood pressure level -       Green for Normal – Yellow for High normal – Red for Hypertensive -       Backlight for LCD & button -       Registered as a medical device CLASS II a with TGA -     &n...Health


-       An Ergonomically designed hammock for your head and Spine -       Just 15 minutes is all you need for instant relief -       Attaches to a door handle, hinge, rail or bar in seconds! -       May Help Ease tension in the shoulders, neck and back -       Easy to use anywhere  -       Light weight and portabl...Health

Miracle Cooling  Compression Socks  Health
Miracle Cooling Compression Socks

-       Provides targeted arch & ankle support -       Soothes tired legs & feet -       Boosts circulation -       Wicks away moisture -       Antimicrobial material – Keeps feet dry -       Specially knitted fibres help kill bacteria and prevent odour -       Provides sturd...Health

Tray Valet Health
Tray Valet

This Tray Valet is the handy table that’s always at your service. The height and angle are adjustable ensuring a custom fit every time. So whether you use it as a laptop stand whilst doing work on the sofa, or you need to serve someone breakfast in bed, this hand table is ideal for homes, offices, schools, and more!   Features:   -       18 types of tables all in 1   -       3 different angles   -  &n...Health

Socks Aid Health
Socks Aid

This Socks Aid is great for those with limited range of movement, just glide your foot to put on socks easily. Features: -       Works with all kinds of socks -       Works as shoe horn -       Helps to put on/take off socks easily   -       Packs up easily for convenient travel -       Rubber grip base for stabilityHealth

Lumbar back support Health
Lumbar back support

This Lumbar back support helps reduce back strain by promoting good posture for long hours of work or driving   Features: -       Lumbar support cradles neutral back curvature allowing correct posture -       Breathable and washable mesh fabric absorbs sweat and odour -       5 adjustable height levels -       Ventilated support dissipates heat keeping your back dry, cool ...Health

Handy Can Opener Kitchen
Handy Can Opener

-       Just place the Handy Can Opener on any can, press the start button and watch as the opener independently moves around the can – opening it in seconds -       Safely cuts beneath the lid, from the side of the can leaving no sharp edges -       Opens can off all sizes big or small stores conveniently in a drawer -       Easy to use, hygienic and safe -  &n...Kitchen


Set of 6 Silicone Egg Pods, BPA free and dishwasher safe.   -       Delicious Boiled Eggs without the Shells! -       Just crack the egg – pour it into an Egg Pod, Boil and Serve. -       Thermodynamic technology allows the egg to boil just like in the shell -       Hard boil, soft boil and many more of your favourite egglicious dishes. -       Non-sti...Kitchen


Grill Indoors with smokeless cooling drip tray technology   Features: -       Non-stick easy wipe surface -       Ceramic copper coated titanium infused grill plate -       Adjustable thermostat for even temperatures -       Drip tray – dishwasher safe  -       PFOA/PFOS FreeKitchen

Thermal 3L Airpot Kitchen
Thermal 3L Airpot

This huge 3 Litre Thermal Airpot keeps beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours! The outer body remains cold, even with hot liquid inside, and it is made from heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Liquid dispenses quickly and easily with a pump action top, and ice can be used to make drinks extra cold.   Features: -       Leak proof lid   -       Double wall vacuum insulated made from durable stainless from the insi...Kitchen

Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Machine Kitchen
Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Machine

-       Keeps food fresher longer! -       Freshness stays 5X longer -       Absorbs moisture from the food to extend the freshness -       2 Modes – Gentle and Normal  -       Store & Preserve – Cost-effective solution to keep food fresh longer and         perfect for Sous Vide cooking -   &n...Kitchen


-       Grip pad design avoids spillage -       Resists tipping over -       Lift up straight and it will detach itself quickly and easily -       Works on all flat and non-porous surfaces such desks and tables -       Twin wall insulated – keeps drink hot for longer! -       Leak proof and car cup friendly -&nbs...Kitchen


51 LED UV flashlight which is more effective than 9 LED or 12 LED UV flashlights, these will help make the invisible visible! They are great for detecting pet urine on carpets, stains, spills, urine in toilets, bed bug sprays on hotel bed sheets, and checking ID's.   Features: -       Emits 395 nm Wavelength – Superior quality   -       Reveals broken glasses, authenticate currency notes, documents, bugs, stains and more...Living

Portable Storage Closet - 6 Cube Living
Portable Storage Closet - 6 Cube

The 6 cube portable storage wardrobe is great for those with limited space, yet want to get their clothes neat, tidy, and organised. This unit has ample space to hang and stack clothes, but is small enough to fit in a corner out of the way. Features: -       Keep your clothes neat and organised -       Lightweight and portable -       Durable and sturdy construction -       Max...Living

Polar Crate - Insulated Collapsible Cooler Outdoor
Polar Crate - Insulated Collapsible Cooler

It’s like an esky without ice! Great for picnics, camping, boating/fishing, grocery shopping and more, it is lightweight and foldable for easy storage.   -       No Ice Needed -       Insulation technology locks temperature for hours -       Convenient & collapsible design -       Perfect combination of durability, quality & performance -     &...Outdoor

Giggle Dog Ball Pet
Giggle Dog Ball

Keeps your dogs happy & healthy   -       6 Clutch pockets allow any size dog to pick it up -       Tubes inside the ball emits sounds & giggles when rolled or shaken -       Use indoors or outdoors -       Keep dogs entertained by engaging their natural instincts to play -       Made from flexible & durable pet safe, phthalate-fre...Pet

Ultimate Wrench - 48 in 1! Tools
Ultimate Wrench - 48 in 1!

-       Ultimate Wrench – 48 tools in 1! -       360 rotation head – switch sizes in a jiffy! -       Simply rotate the head for the right size wrench -       Loosen or tighten all kids of nuts and bolts -       Great for imperial and metric sizes -       Tuff Grade metal alloy -    &nbs...Tools


-       Ultimate Hammer Multi Tool – 18 in 1! -       Heavy duty premium construction -       The multi tool features – hammer, pliers, bottle opener, screwdrivers, saw, claw, wire, stripper, wire cutter, wrenches,knife and file -       Safety locks to keep all the tool safe -       Efficient, practical and lightweight -  &nbs...Tools

Nano 3 Ply Mask - Set of 50/100 YouFind
Nano 3 Ply Mask - Set of 50/100

Nano 3 Ply Disposable Masks - AVAILABLE NOW in sets of 50 or 100!   - Quality 3 ply protection  - Minimises spray of droplets while sneezing, coughing and speaking - Minimises hand to face contact  - Ideal for daily use - To be disposed safely into a trash bin after single useYouFind

Ellipto Maxx - Robotic Training Cycle YouFind
Ellipto Maxx - Robotic Training Cycle

The ElliptoMaxx Robotic Training Cycle is the latest elliptical trainer that is portable and is used from the comfort of your favourite chair or sofa! So you can use it at home, work, whilst watching TV and more. It is whisper quiet to use, and has 3 program settings, LED Display, and 5 speed levels. It will help you work your abs, core, hips, joints, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and more.     Features: Able to be used under a desk from the comfort of your chair It is Automatic, ...YouFind

Ultimate Beanie Brite  YouFind
Ultimate Beanie Brite

THE PERFECT ACCESSORY THIS WINTER! A BEANIE WITH AN LED LIGHT! WEAR IT WHILE GOING OUT FOR A WALK/RUN, WHILE WORKING LATE IN THE GARAGE OR WHILE GOING CYCLING!   - Keeps you warm & cozy - Rechargeable - Simply remove the light & plug it into a USB port - 3 Modes of brightness - 100 Lumens  - 4 Super Bright SMD Lights - One size fits most - 100% Acrylic Knitting - Great for casual wear, jogging, fishing, camping & more!YouFind

Posture Back Support YouFind
Posture Back Support

STRAIGHTEN YOUR BACK POSTURE FOR STABILITY & PROPER ALIGNMENT!   NO MORE SLOUCHING.    - Align, look & feel better with the correct posture - Helps relieve pressure & stress on your back & neck - Can be worn daily to improve your posture - EXTRA WIDE Adjustable straps gently pull & straighten your posture - Super Soft breathable & lightweight fabricYouFind

Rachel & Jen 3D Beauty Roller YouFind
Rachel & Jen 3D Beauty Roller

Introducing the new range of Rachel & Jen beauty products, this 3D Beauty Roller is a face and body massager that refreshes and rejuvenates your skin. With the two 360 degree precision cut rollers, they stimulate blood circulation and help uplift and tighten skin.   Features: ·       Able to be used on Face and Body ·       Helps with the anti-aging process ·      &nb...YouFind

Dental Water Flosser YouFind
Dental Water Flosser

Dental Water Flosser has an ergonomic design with a low profile tip. Just fill with water and press for easy flossing.       -        Perfect for braces, implants, crowns and more -        NO Batteries or Charging requiredYouFind

Rechargable LED Light Bar YouFind
Rechargable LED Light Bar

-       Portable & Rechargeable -       Super bright with 60 LED lights -       New COB technology -       720 Lumens -       3 Modes – High, Low & SOS (battery saving mode) -       Runs for up to 6 hours on single charge -       Comes with a stand and a hanging hook - &...YouFind

Nano Instant Home Disinfectant Maker YouFind
Nano Instant Home Disinfectant Maker

MUST HAVE IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD!  Creates disinfectant in minutes with just salt and water!  Kills 99.9% of germs!   Uses HYPO-CHLOROUS ACID to create disinfectant Multi-purpose cleaner & deodoriser  Cost efficient way to kill germs Non-toxic, safe & eco-friendly 100 times more powerful than chlorine bleach  Gentle on your skin  3 Levels of concentration Great for cleaning ; pesticides on fruits & veggies, kitchens, bathrooms, baby mats & toys, door kno...YouFind

Hercules Magic Foamer YouFind
Hercules Magic Foamer

The Hercules Magic Foamer will allow you to clean high windows and screens in minutes leaving them streak and spot free! Whether you need to quickly clean the patio furniture, cars or boat, this will allow you a quick and easy solution by connecting straight to your regular garden hose! Features: .       Includes 1 BONUS Sachet ·       Adjustable nozzle for high pressure ·       Simply attach ...YouFind

Rachel & Jen Beauty T Bar Massager YouFind
Rachel & Jen Beauty T Bar Massager

Introducing the new range of Rachel & Jen beauty products, this Beauty T Bar Massager allows you to achieve healthier skin all year round! Small, portable, and lightweight, it can fit easily into your bag and can be used anywhere at anytime.   Features: ·       Anti-bacterial ·       6000 vibrations per minute for a deep gentle massage ·       Activate and restor...YouFind

Set of 4 Fly Sticks YouFind
Set of 4 Fly Sticks

FLY STICK – Eco-friendly Pest Control Solutions For indoor and outdoor use: - Can be used in any room: porch, patio, backyards - Great for garbage areas, in kennels, stables, barns - Picnic and recreational areas Fluorescent yellow attracts and traps flying bugs. For best results simply add honey or syrup.YouFind

Compact Retro Air Fryer YouFind
Compact Retro Air Fryer

NEW Retro style COMPACT AIR FRYER! Get this sleek design in any of our 3 beautiful colours! 1.6L capacity perfect for a meal!   - Compact & easy to store - User friendly temperature dial  - Wide temperature range 80-200 degrees - Non-stick coated fry basket - INCLUDES A BONUS RECIPE BOOKLET! - Comes with a fat extraction tray - 1000W  YouFind

Garden Watering Lance - 10 Spray Patterns YouFind
Garden Watering Lance - 10 Spray Patterns

Garden Wand- 10 spray patterns for every watering need- Extends to 106cm for reaching out of reach areas- Rubberised grip and adjustable flow control- Durable construction provides years of reliable useYouFind

Chill Out Pillow Cooling Mat YouFind
Chill Out Pillow Cooling Mat

STAY CHILLED WHILE YOU SLEEP WITH THIS PILLOW COOLING MAT. It contains a active pro cooling gel which has superior heat absorption to help you sleep on those hot summer nights!   -       NO MORE PILLOW FLIPPING! -       Contains active pro cooling gel -       Provides better cooling as compared to traditional bamboo or stone cooling -       Superior absorption of heat over...YouFind

Ionic Hair Brush YouFind
Ionic Hair Brush

Ionic Hair Brush - INSTASHINE NO FRIZZY HAIR - REFRESH AND ENRICH YOUR HAIR WITH CLEANSING IONS Add negative ions back into your hair and restore its natural charge. Get smoother, shinier and less frizzy hair instantly! Lock in moisture and make your hair incredibly lush and healthy. - Get rid of knots, Static and frizzy hair - Enriches and Nourishes with every stroke - Emits vibrations to easily detangle hair and gently massage your scalp - Style your hair with a luxurious shine - Enrich and No...YouFind

LED Breeze Mirror YouFind
LED Breeze Mirror

Keep cool and stay beautiful with the LED Breeze Mirror! No more waiting for foundation to set, keep your skin cool without drying out your eyes with the gentle fan. The LED light ring offers soft clear lighting so you get the perfect brightness to apply your makeup.     Features:   * Built in 3 speed fan * Touch sensors * LED Ring Light * Detachable 5 x magnified mirror       USB Powered or 4 x AA batteries (Not included)YouFind

4 Tier Utility Cart On Wheels  YouFind
4 Tier Utility Cart On Wheels

BRAND NEW ITEM IN THE 4 TIER SERIES - THE 4 TIER UTILITY CART ON WHEELS!  STORE ANYTHING YOU WANT AND MOVE IT ANYWHERE YOU NEED!   - Perfect for kitchens, backyards, garages, storage and more - Elegant white finish  - Lightweight & durable  - Dimensions - 48 x 31 x 96 cm  - Easy to assembleYouFind

Slide N Glide Pet Ball YouFind
Slide N Glide Pet Ball

The Slide N Glide Pet Ball is the latest design in our innovative Pet accessories range! First there was the Giggle Ball which was a massive hit with dogs all over the country, now watch your dog chasing and pouncing down the hallway, across the living room, or out on the back deck. Designed to be used safely indoors without causing any damage to your floors and walls, this will keep your pet entertained for ages!   Features: Super sliding technology Press for squeaking sound Rubber bumpers...YouFind

Bolster Gel Half Moon Pillow YouFind
Bolster Gel Half Moon Pillow

All in one pillow! Can be used on legs, back, neck, head, hips & more!  COOL GEL BAMBOO CHARCOAL MEMORY FOAM!   Charcoal infused memory foam provides heat & odour absorbing qualities  Maximum support & comfort in all positions  Multi-positional body support Cool & supportive Size - 40x20x10 cm YouFind

Metallic Power Hose 7.5M YouFind
Metallic Power Hose 7.5M

-       A MUST IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD! -       VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO RIP, TEAR OR PUNCTURE! -       TOUGH WEATHER RESISTANT STEEL -       Connects with all standard taps -       UV & corrosion resistant – cool to touch -       Can withhold high water pressure without bursting -       Spiro s...YouFind

Swivel Gel Seat Cushion YouFind
Swivel Gel Seat Cushion

TURN ANY SEAT INTO A SWIVEL SEAT! Cool gel infused memory foam!  Provides comfort & convenience ALL IN ONE! 360 DEGREE SWIVEL!   Easy movement in any direction  Non-slip base keeps you safe & secured in your seat Removable & breathable mesh cover  Size - 40cm Diameter YouFind

Outdoor Dancing Flame Tiki Lamp YouFind
Outdoor Dancing Flame Tiki Lamp

Using solar powered technology, this outdoor Tiki lamp flickers like real flames. They are lightweight, durable, and weather resistant, and will help add a great finishing touch to your pathways, backyards, gardens & more.   Features: - 77cm Height - Charging time 8 – 10 hours - Lasts for more than 8 hours - Material – ABSYouFind

Spider Catcher YouFind
Spider Catcher

DON’T BE AFRAID OF SPIDERS ANYMORE, WITH THIS SIMPLE CATCH AND RELEASE SPIDER CATCHER!     -       Easily removes spiders, cockroaches, moths and more without harming them -       65CM LONG ARM – Helps you keep a safe distance! -       Reach up to ceilings and corners -       Absolutely safe and chemical free way to get rid of unwanted pestsYouFind

CopperPro Pressure Cooker YouFind
CopperPro Pressure Cooker

Here is the latest multi-use programmable pressure cooker enabling you to cook sumptuous and nutritious meals in minutes.  With just a touch of a button, you can now cook a wide variety of your favourite meals quickly and easily saving you time and money. Cook it all; Rice, risotto, fish, vegetables, chicken, meat, beans, lentils, soup, and stew.   Features: * Easy one touch cooking with 7 different preset cooking options. * Multi-function cooking: Pressure cook, slow cook, steam, simm...YouFind


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