The platform reduces the inclination felt by your feet when used in front of the high-heeled shoes. Compared to other high-heeled shoes it is designed in accordance relatively more foot structure. Thus, these models are extremely comfortable and convenient. It can be used easily with all elegance and gracefulness without much pain and suffering. Even daily life, it is one of the high-heeled models which are you can easily wear in the rare species. Usage of platform heel shoes is so comfortable so it has every color and model. It is possible to see all trends of the new season in the platform heels.

Rising elegance with the platform heels

Platform heels firstly used to highlight players that play an important character in ancient Greek Theatre and the old Chinese Peking opera. In the 16th century, it was a weapon used to show the prostitutes themselves. In the 18th century, in Europe,it was preferred to get rid of the mud and determine status. Platform heels which raised again in the 1930s began to attract attention in the 1960s, lived in the golden age of the early 1980s. Platform heels were so identification with the philosophy of the period in 'flower children' age when dance and music have been philosophy of free life. Platform heels began preferring the dance floor instead of spike heels that compelling women and restricting freedom of movement. Salvatore Ferragamo had a big impact on the development of platform shoes. He invented using wine bottle cork in the platform heels. He opened new ground by covering cork the leather. Thus, manufacturing cost of platform heel down. And easy of use further increased due to new cases that much lighter. This usable shoe was already an integral part of the women no longer though there exist critics about platform heels. And it lost nothing of its popularity. In those years, popular group the Spice Girls that living most illustrious era, on high and colorful platforms, bustling dances, all of these make heels indispensable to the daily life. Nowadays, this retro trend can be seen on the platform heels by becoming 90s fashion again. Motley and stylish shoes that can be combined with all styles of dress appear in among our favorites. The separates most prominent feature of platform shoe from the normal shoe is the base much higher than normal shoes. History of platform shoes is old as well as panache curiosity of people. The information of platform usage even centuries ago in Europe and the Far East. The cork platform heeled that preferred by Romans actor and whore, after a long time to disappear, came on the scene in history. 15th Century also spread to Europe again came up platform shoes. During the Renaissance the visual extravaganza that reached its peak in Europe, platform heels combined with becoming more flashy clothes with advanced tailoring techniques. During this period, 50 cm high heel shoes are made. In the 18th Century Europe, the objective of preferred platform shoes, protect feet from mud and other dirt on the streets. When platform shoe models consider used today , we can notice that it has won significant value. Of course, at that time, the used platforms have the same heel and sole height. We can call it a more comfortable state of high heels grace. High heels, soles and pressure loads to and from the metatarsal angle between the metatarsus is not much more going on. In platform-heeled shoes, because of the height at the base, decreasing the angle between the base of the heel and loads and pressure is becoming lighter. This making platform heels more comfortable than high heels. Platform heels style used classic boots and classic buskin, mostly evening and bridal shoe models. The normal platform shoes that sole and heels are equal are used in sport's shoes. Furthermore, when platform sole used in casual shoes, boots and buskin it gives a style sports shoes. In recent days, we began to see platform shoes in too many places. there are some points that should be considered to wear platform shoes when properly worn sleek and sexy standing. And what's a look at them: Should platform shoes only be worn by short people? Of course no! If you are tall; there is no consideration that you will not wear platform shoes. If you can easily walk there, great! Who should wear this type of shoes? I think that she can walk with this. The model is a bit difficult to use, however, a little more reasonable heel height may be preferred in order to not to slog. If your foot is greater and you are thinking of buying and platform shoes, surely prefer the round-nosed models. This model shows your feet smaller. Your legs are shorter and thicker, not wear a mini skirt with platform shoes. When you wear this style, it will draw attention to the brevity and thick in the legs. Wear your platform with medium-length skirts. When you go Job interview or serious meetings with platform shoes, it can be a little absurd. In addition, when you meet a short gentleman, do not choose a platform. Especially in the first meeting.

What should wear platform shoes with?

With Jean pants: Prefer narrow-leg or skinny jeans. Try to proportional your shoe model with cuff. With Vintage style skirt: Combine platform shoes with vintage style maxi, mini or midi skirt. White pants: this is the ideal combination for this summer! wear your Nude and powder tons platforms with white pants.

Platform shoes that alternative of heeled.

Ladies are overly fond of shoes, especially high heels. In daily usage, platform shoes are preferred as an alternative because heels can be tiresome.
Comfortable Elegance
These shoes that often preferred and fondly used by women in recent years offer the comfort, unlike their view. Because they provide comfort when compared to normal high-heeled shoes, because they designed to create less inclination standing.

Platform heels models

In the year of the platform fashion, The shoes are seen which suede fabric and multiple colors. Vivid colors, very fashionable in the new season. high-heeled shoes that make use of harmonious colors that are gaining the admiration of women such as pink and blue, orange and purple, red and blue. You can get yourself the shoe variety of brand in new season such as wrist connected models. In the winter, you can be very elegant and comfortable with platform boots. you can use your-your narrow-leg jeans or pencil skirts with your this-this type shoes.


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