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Abode - Wool and Delicates - Eucalyptus (1L) Abode
Abode - Wool and Delicates - Eucalyptus (1L)

Abode Eucalyptus Wool and Delicates Wash has been developed and pH balanced for the effective cleaning of woollens and delicate items. Created using natural plant and mineral based ingredients to ensure it is free from the mix of dangerous chemicals such as phosphates, zeolites and harsh surfactants. Abode Wool and Delicates wash is a concentrated design that only requires a tiny amount making it economical for the health minded consumer. This wash will leave your clothes smelling fresh, with th...Abode

Abode - Natural Dishwashing Liquid - Lime Spritz (500ml) Abode
Abode - Natural Dishwashing Liquid - Lime Spritz (500ml)

The concentrated Abode Lime Spritz Dishwashing Liquid is a great natural alternative with a gorgeous scent. It has been specially formulated to be gentle on your hands and the environment whilst cutting through grease with ease for up to 100 washes. Free from nasty petrochemicals and semi-synthetic plant surfactant, it is designed to rinse off, leaving your dishes clean with no chemical residue or smell.  Squirt a moderate amount into the sink and fill with water. Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodo...Abode


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